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Stephan was born in the country of cheese, tulips and interesting pills. Decided to move to the 3rd music producing country in the world (known for IKEA, ABBA and blond women). He wears a card, it says photographer...


Daughter – Debaser Slussen, April 13th 2013

London’s outfit Daughter performed in Stockholm for the very first time and made quite an impression! Debaser Slussen was way too small for all the people who wanted to get


Man Tear – Outside Amore

After a two week session last year in Bohuslän, on the Swedish West Coast, a 12″ release called Outside Amore is the very first release for Man Tear. Man Tear


Lissie – Shameless

Remember Lissie? Well, we do! I’m a big fan since I attended her concert in November 2010 in Stockholm. Lissie will be back with a new single, Shameless, on June


Maps & Atlases – Debaser Slussen, February 20th 2013

One of my favorite venues, Debaser Slussen in Stockholm, was the host of one of Maps & Atlases‘ stops on their 2013 tour. I was quite looking forward to the


Dutch Uncles – Out of Touch, In The Wild

The Dutch Uncles (who aren’t my uncles, even though I’m Dutch), have been around since 2008. Out Of Touch, In The Wild is the title of already the third studio


Interview: Fall of Adam

On an cold autumn Saturday in Stockholm, I picked up the band members of Fall of Adam from a desolated platform on Stockholm Central Station, after they’d just arrived from

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Skunk Anansie – I Believed In You

After reuniting in 2009, and releasing Wonderlustre in 2010, UK’s Skunk Anansie are back for their fifth studio album in a few weeks from now. The new album Black Traffic

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The Envy – Bones

It’s not a secret that we depend on social media to get the latest news and best new bands. That’s also the case how we ended up listening to this