Island – Heaven, May 3th 2018

Island – Heaven, May 3th 2018

So yeah, this part of this slightly dormant site is still active. We actually crawled out of our seemingly infinite hibernation and forced ourselves out – out to finally do another gig. (Yes we did another gig three weeks ago, but more on that later, maybe)
Reason to leave the comfortable sofa : ISLAND.
The band that, without being signed to a label*, impressively sold out Scala last year and have released smooth tunes like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, couple of months since that Scala gig, I headed to Heaven on a grey Wednesday evening.

Arriving half way through opening five-piece Toothless – with Bombay Bicycle Club‘s Ed Nash – (listen to their lovely track xx here) short but powerful set, this rusty semi-retired sleepyhead needed a while to get used to all of this again.

Shuffling my way through girls wearing ISLAND t-shirts near the bar and the merch table, I finally found a nice calm spot near the side where I could start writing this piece.

Kicking off without introduction, ISLAND meant business as they were bursting through a variety of old, new and current songs.
Impressing the crowd early with God Forgive, I quickly realised that shit was on!
And I think the majority of the crowd felt that the shout-out “It’s good to be back, it’s been a while” was mutual.

The lovely Waves packed a stronger punch live than it did on the record.
Luckily, the band did give A Place You Like the delicate touch, slowly bringing the wall of sound down to an acceptable level – same goes for I’ve Been Searching which sounded absolutely superb!
And what to think of Nighttime Written Blues!? Not familiar with it? Listen to the album version below

Now, remember that lovely * earlier this article? Time for their PR to refresh the press release as the band announced, like it was nothing really important, that they signed a record deal with Frenchkiss Records for their debut album earlier that day. Congratulations yet again guys!

The band successfully played my favorite Never Let You Go, and as leaving the stage is apparently still a thing, the redundant obligatory 2 minutes off-stage had the crowd chanting for one more.
They were wrong – the band came back for a double encore of beaut Stargazer and melodramatic Spotless, leaving the crowd with smiles on their faces.

It’s good to be back…

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