The Away Days – Dreamed at Dawn

The Away Days – Dreamed at Dawn

Rarely do we display so much love on the site for one band as we do for The Away Days.
This Turkish 4-piece found their way to our hearts in 2013 with Dressing Room – a track that unfortunately is difficult to track down nowadays – and they haven’t left our radar for a single moment. They released stunning videos, delicious shoegaze tracks, a couple of quirky remixes and some absolute dream-pop gems since then.

It took a while for The Away Days to get to this point though; it proved an uphill struggle of what would have been a walk in the park for any stereotypical London band, but instead they’re stuck in Istanbul as an English singing indie dream-pop band. They finally secured a record deal and found the space to record a collection of songs – at home.

I would have loved to have written an elaborate piece on how this album was recorded at home, or how the arrangements on the album are outstanding.
Maybe a piece about the inclusion of faded street noises on Downtown, the idea behind Places to Go, or why I think World Horizon is the best song they’ve ever made…

But no, I want to keep it short.

The Away Days – Dreamed at Dawn is genuinely one of the albums I’ve been looking forward to the most over the last couple of years. I was very fortunate to have had early access to the album, and it made quite the impact. That’s why it’s travelled with me for weeks, going through constant repeats at in the morning during my commute, during tedious workdays, and at home blasting through the stereo.

The only thing I really want to say is that I absolutely love this album – I love every single track.
There really isn’t a single moment on the album I’m not enjoying. It’s very likely to be my main pick for album of the year.

I might be awfully biased and love blind. Maybe it’s me getting more emotional, less critical and a lot kinder as I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because The Away Days are just golden.

And please do yourself a favour – head to iTunes, your local record store or whatever your preferred method of music consumption is, and buy it. Or stream it. Go get it. The Away Days – Dreamed at Dawn is out now.

White Whale
Dream of How
Making Ends Meet
Less is More
Places To Go
World Horizon
Now You Don’t Know



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Maybe biased and non-critical, but love every second of Dreamed at Dawn. Likely to be my main pick for album of the year.

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