Miike Snow – iii

Miike Snow – iii

With iii, American-Swedish outfit Miike Snow release their third studio album. After the rather successful and catchy predecessors Miike Snow and Happy To You, their third instalment iii continues with their typical pleasingly perfect electro-pop sound.

After their three-year hiatus, the winning formula of slick electro-pop is undeniably present in opener My Trigger – a watertight sample of what you would expect from Miike Snow nowadays.

Especially The Heart Of Me, also the first single, where Andrew’s warm vocals carry you through a mêlée of blips and samples (only to get interrupted by a slightly creepy robotic intermezzo) is a superb tune.

Continuing the Miike Snow drift with personal favorite Genghis Khan, the transatlantic outfit slightly shift gears with Heart Is Full and For U featuring Charli XCX.

Eventhough I’m still uncertain about what I should think of Charli XCX, this collaboration is pleasant, and am a big fan of the vocal tweaks that build the track. Can safely assume that For U could be featured in an expensive car or coffee commercial soon! (just guessing)

The slightly more mature sound on the swimming-through-syrup-dreamland I Feel The Weight, the ‘take your time to decide if you’re mine’ Lonely Life and the somewhat weird Over and Over, ensure that the renowned Snow familiarity doesn’t get weary.
Even the symphonic dreamy vibe of album closer Longshot (7 Nights) fits perfectly on iii.

iii is packed with tracks that we’d expect and tunes we definitely adore from Miike Snow. Fortunately, without the need to re-invent themselves, the never-idle idols created a noteworthy staple, ready to please their existing fan-base and conquer new fans.

Miike Snow – iii is out now.

Miike Snow – iii Tracklist:

My Trigger
The Heart Of Me
Genghis Khan
Heart Is Full
For U (ft. Charli XCX)
I Feel The Weight
Back Of The Car
Lonely Life
Over And Over
Longshot (7 Nights)



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