FSM Favorite : TWEAKS

FSM Favorite : TWEAKS

Falling in love on first sight can be due to someone’s smile, eyes, or haircut (why not right!?).
In music this logically works slightly differently. I fell in love with TWEAKS (indeed formerly known as Pin Tweaks) just by hearing the first five seconds of Girl On The Wire a long time ago. This version racked up a very respectable 150,000 plays on SoundCloud and over 2,000 digital love letters on HypeMachine.

And if you’ve been following us for a while, you might also have hit the big play button based on our Twitter activity around that track.
So pat yourself on the shoulder for the good work!

The guys behind TWEAKS, architect-scientist duo (really) Aman and Johnny, have been working on tunes between London and Copenhagen. Their mystic sound and almost emotionless vocals grab you and won’t let you go.

The duo are now re-releasing Girl On The Wire for their upcoming EP with the same name, and got award-winning engineer Dan Parry (I’m only quoting the little blurb – he worked with SOHN and someone called Adele) to do the remixing honours.

This collaboration results in a stupendously amazing remixed version of their debut single Girl On The Wire – although it’s not really their debut single, but more on that later.

Sisters, the track below, is a rhythmic beast of a track and was announced as TWEAKS’ debut single back in November. With the mood of their songs rather dark, you would hope for summer to stay away.

Now that’s not all!
A while ago, when still called Pin Tweaks, the lads were so kind to share another track with me called Flown – a track with a killer bassline that made me love them even more, and yes, that’s possible! A little bird told me that this track will be featured on their yet to be announced EP.
But, we must be patient for that, as the guys should have news regarding their EP soon… very soon… Like February 26th…

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