Fiction – Best Before

Fiction – Best Before

Balancing somewhere on a fine line between the fresh weirdness from Dutch Uncles and Talking Head’s classic quirky dance grooves are London 5-piece Fiction.

Their latest track Best Before, also the first single from their forthcoming EP, is a 3-minute piece with cheerful David Byrne-style vocals on top of a 80s poppy guitar layer.

Before you listen to the track though I need to give fictional kudos for the use of an EVA suit for the album art!

Fiction’s forthcoming EP Instant Memories is released on June 1st.

You can catch the band at The Total Refreshment Centre in Dalston on May 28th. More info on the band’s Facebook page.
Oh, and the band’s giving away a prize to the first person to guess what sample they used in Best Before’s intro…
Hint: It’s mentioned somewhere in the press release.



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