Mains – I’ll Pray

Mains – I’ll Pray

I hate mysteries. And that’s exactly what this band/outfit Mains does; hiding behind smoke and mirrors.

There are, unfortunately, plenty of examples of musical artists over the year who like to remain anonymous, faceless or even uncredited, from the debacle of sticking two – with all due respect – puppets in front of the camera (Milli Vanilli) to fool the crowd, to the ‘oh-my-God-what-do-the-guys-from-Daft-Punk-look-like’ and the silliness of Jungle’s arrival on the scene in 2013.

If I could express myself in a way that Charlie Brooker could, this article would be a rant.
A rant that would fill a decent university level essay, on the ridiculousness and idiocy of hiding behind a perfectly executed and thought-through, pre-meditated mysterious PR blanket of nonsense. Yes, that’s my opinion.

Back to the case in hand and focus on the information and material available.
All we know (officially) is that Mains a project of two Dutch experienced producers who’ve travelled the world and played every big festival on the planet.

Mains’ first release is this 3-and-a-half minute light EDM (yes, the forbidden word) track called I’ll Pray.
Opening with tiny synth blips, the track starts rolling into a very pleasant summer-like track, ready for this year’s hot festival season.

The very familiar male vocals (I am certain this guy once told me off for buying his band’s CD at a gig even though I was already singing along to all their songs) get a slight tickle of the autotune mid-way and moulds the track together into a groovy ready-for-repeat wiggle.

But, with only one track available, I am unsure if this familiar character only provided vocals for one track, or if he’s part of Mains full-time.

And that is where my hate for mysteries kinda shatters into oblivion. Yes, the devilish approach works, I do want to hear more, I do want to know more. Scooby-Doooooo!

And for you grumpy folks; yes, the photo above is indeed taken from their/his/her Facebook page.



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