Sivu – Something On High Review

Sivu – Something On High Review

From the moment we encountered Sivu‘s MRI Better Than He video, we knew that we couldn’t get him out of head.

Hearing him perform solo unplugged at a Sofar evening and with a band behind him at the Great Escape, Sivu impressed us live as well, underlining his undeniable talent.

Now, a year along the line, Sivu releases his long-awaited debut Something On High.

Something On High – taken from a letter by van Gogh reflecting on one of his late paintings – is a gorgeous collection of touching yet dark and sleepy melodies.
Exemplary is Love Lives In This House – with a Johnny Cash-esque opening and build-up, contemplating lyrics (“If loves gonna live in this house, then you best make the most and not sleep“) and a haunting hum throughout the track.
The mood often balances on either being beautifully arranged (Bodies) and almost Disney-like bombastic (Communicate).

Releasing Something On High mid October, Sivu might just have missed this year’s Mercury Prize. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s appearing on the short list next year.

Something On High is a beautiful collection of emotional outliers, one of those albums you can’t just walk away from, and therefor probably won’t forget in a while.

Sivu – Something On High is out now.

Feel Something
Better Than He
Can’t Stop Now
Love Lives In This House
My Oh My
Miracle (Human Error)



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