Willow Beats – Merewif

Yes, Merewif! So, little literature history session here (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong okay? – Just tweet to @FrontStageMusic, and tell me I’m an idiot!):

Merewif is mentioned in the old poem Beowulf. You know, written somewhere between 975-1025 in West Saxon language by an unknown writer, that stuff. Anyway, Merewif refers to Grendel’s mother, who, on line 1519 of the poem, is called merewif. Meaning, a woman of the mere, or just simply a water-lady.

Now, back to Willow Beats if we may.
The Australian duo have racked up likes and appreciation on the other side of the world with their modern dreamy Kate Bush-esque sound, combined with tribal influences delivered with fresh synth vigour.

The synth duo released a stunning video for the debut track of their forthcoming EP called, yes, finally, Merewif!

Willow Beats’ EP is out in September. Give the Melbourne duo a like to keep on track on their tour dates!



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