The Feather – Invisible

Belgian band The Feather* released a stunning black-and-white video/documentary for their strack Invisible.
The video, directed by Simon Medard, was recorded in Burundi in 2012 and gives us an insight on day-to-day life in the African country, strengthened by the emotional and atmospheric tones of Invisible.

In case you don’t think you can sit through a video of 7 minutes (bunch of impatient kids), just play the video and listen to the tune; it’s somewhere in the middle of Sufjan Stevens and a calm Damon Albarn.

Oh, yeah, why the ‘*’ you might wonder?
The Feather is actually a solo project by Thomas Medard, who recorded the album by himself.
However, when playing live, the Feather is a six-piece strong ensemble.

You can order The Feather – Invisible on the band’s Bandcamp. It’ll only set you back €10 – well worth it!



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