King Kool – Scuzz Bombe Review

King Kool – Scuzz Bombe Review

A band describing themselves as ‘slabs of rocket engine driven soul hacking rock’n’roll’ might sound pretentious. However, British duo King Kool could have found the right set of words to describe their music. King Kool was founded back in 2005 by the band’s guitarist Dan Donovan and was joined by drummer Pas Struthers, and they are due to release their fourth studio album Scuzz Bombe, four years after their last one called Vampin.

If you’re expecting 6-minute long songs full of romantic poetry, sophisticated piano-melodies and beautiful arias, King Kool will disappoint you.
But if you’re on the hunt for some no-nonsense grungy rock then really look no further!

With songs rarely lasting longer than 3 and a half minutes, (only three songs last longer) King Kool are going through Scuzz Bombe in full throttle.

Being a ‘nouveau-classique’ (yes, I made that up) duo of guitarist and drummer, King Kool takes no prisoners and might even be able to stimulate you into some weird air guitar skills (you’ve been warned!).

There’s no holding back on Scuzz Bombe, take for example Talk About and its ‘winning’ formula; nifty guitar riffs, straightforward lyrics and a prominent drum sound. It even gets somewhat creepy at the end of Tic Boom, where Dan warns us with ‘Tic Boom, trouble come’.

And have you ever thought that a nature documentary, think Sir David Attenborough style, would have its place on a rock album? I guess not. Well, just listen to The Dwellers; the soundscape closer of the album.
You might wonder if you’ve accidentally switched on a 60’s BBC nature documentary! Brilliant!

King Kool deliver one hell of a cracking album with a handful of elegantly sublime tracks. My favourites, in no particular order; Rocket Roll, This Goddamn House, Shiny King and Talk About.
Scuzz Bombe is a solid and voluminous grungy rock album which flashes by in record pace.

King Kool – Scuzz Bombe is out on July 21st. Order your copy on King Kool’s Bandcamp page. It’ll only set you back £8, and believe me, it’s well worth it!
More info via the band’s Facebook page.

Track list:
Talk About
Skin Teeth
Rocket Roll
City Burn
Tic Boom
This Damn House
The Dollar Noose
Buzzin Me
Missin A Bone
Shiny King
The Dwellers



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