Interview: Fall of Adam

Interview: Fall of Adam

In January 2013 I interviewed Niclas and Martina, who at that moment had just founded a band called Fall of Adam.
Back then there were 3 songs recorded and 3 others in the pipeline. Now, close to 15 months later I met the band in Gamla Stan, Stockholm in The Temple Bar a few hours before their first gig as a complete band in Stockholm.

So Niclas, can you tell me what has happened since last year?
How did Chris, Niklas and Robert join?

First we found Niklas, another guitarist, who was a friend from Niclas from work. Then the band needed a drummer mostly, as well as a bass player,  so they searched on the internet. It took a while though to find a drummer so while searching online they came across Chris, a bass player they had not met before.

Fall of Adam - 2014-03-28-4182

Chris started playing some riffs, joined some rehearsals and it just clicked with him. There were around 6 songs in total. We had our first gigs during summer and in November played at Valand in Gothenburg.

Martina toured San Francisco, like she did before and Niclas kept recording songs in his bedroom. We still work in the same way; the musical part is created first after which Martina adds the lyrics. In the beginning Niclas created and recorded everything himself, but now, the other band members play a big part in the process as well. For example, one of our new songs just started as one of Chris’ bass riffs.

Fall of Adam - 2014-03-28-4140

At the moment, Fall of Adam is focusing on getting a bigger repertoire and having enough own songs to fill a 1 hour gig and festivals.

What are the backgrounds of the people in the band?

Chris played in different bands before, a little more hard rock. When the bands disbanded, he started looking for another band to join and he found us.
Niklas had played in different bands as well but was mostly focusing on covers. Since his colleague Niclas started a band, he kept checking how everything was going. He liked the songs so much, that when Niclas was looking for band members he was ready to join.

Robert started playing guitar when he was 14, and picked up a bass later. He was in a band that had a girl drumming and he decided to pick up the sticks himself once, as she wasn’t that good. He kept playing drums for quite a while, but he stopped playing for almost 10 years until he found out that Niclas was looking for a drummer. And as Robert really liked the song Evolution, he decided to give it a go.

Fall of Adam - 2014-03-28-4188

With the band finally getting to grips of translating Niclas’ drum computer sounds to a full-on drum kit sound, Robert’s input on progressing the band’s rhythm section to a live set added a new layer to the band’s song writing abilities. Even though the band haven’t been able to sign a long-desired record deal, they are now focussing on getting the band out there, playing gigs and hope for festival slots. With a bit of luck, we might even see the band undertake their first tour.

Until then, you might be able to catch them in one of Stockholm’s little venues, like I did at the Temple Bar in Gamla Stan.
As it was the band’s first gig as a full band, the band were keen to make a name for themselves.

Fall of Adam - 2014-03-28-4144

Fall of Adam - 2014-03-28-4127

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