Lulu James – Old St Pancras Church, October 30th

Lulu James – Old St Pancras Church, October 30th

Regular readers of this blog will know my views on Lulu James (hint – they’re VERY positive), so I will focus on new information here and you can read back if you’re interested.
Lulu James @ Old St Pancras Church
1. This trend of having gigs in churches is all very well and good, beautiful settings, lovely acoustics, but if musicians don’t learn to control their language, they’re all going to end up in hell for swearing in church (sad face).

2. Churches also affect the atmosphere of shows. This one had seating at the front, with space to stand to the back. A seated gig is rarely going to be as electric as ones where people are on their feet.

3. ACTUAL ALBUM NEWS ALERT – It’s called Another World and due out in March. It’s almost ready, but she wants to get a few collaborations down. Much excitement here.

4. I hate encores, yeah? We already know this (hello regular readers!). They are fake and staged and leave me wanting less. HOWEVER, an unplanned encore, for the very best reason – that the audience enjoyed the set so much and can’t consider going home until they have heard more – is a joy! “What shall I sing?” was the question. The audience had one very clear answer: Closer. “Again?” In the end, Step by Step was settled on, and everyone was on their feet dancing.

5. When you leave a gig and go straight back to the Internet to find out when the act is playing in your area again, you know you are on to a good thing. Lulu James is a good thing.
Lulu James @ Old St Pancras Church
More photos on Flickr!
Listen to the encore Step by Step below.



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