Interview : Belgian Fog

Interview : Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog is the latest solo project of LA-born Robert Dale. Robert, currently residing from Seattle, records his tracks in his home studio. He released his first song Waiting For Help back in March, followed by YouDriveMeToMadness in September, produced in cooperation with John Goodmanson. Robert touchingly mixes electronic, pop and lo-fi sections with his painfully beautiful voice.

[FSM] You recently worked with record producer John Goodmanson, how was that?

[Robert] Working with John has been fun, he’s really a great producer. I tend to be pretty secluded when I’m working on music so it was nice to have someone to talk-shop with. I think he had to put up with a lot (ha!) because of highly specific and unorthodox/lo-fi demands on my part. I’m grateful for his help!

Good to hear that you challenged John Goodmanson. How is the recording going on? When can we expect your next song, or is there maybe already a release date for your debut album?

The recording is going alright. I have no set release date for anything so far, hopefully in the near future; when I have something I feel happy with releasing.

Where do you put most emphasis on, when you work on your songs?

I think, when working on songs, I tend to focus on getting the dynamic just right and try to get sometimes very disparate sections to flow accordingly which is a huge challenge. There are so many points large and small that at the time seem so important but when I’m finished, the process usually becomes a blur.

So you record your songs in your home studio, right? Is there anyone getting you out if you have spent too much time in it?

Yes I record in a home studio. Sometimes friends manage to get me away from the computer.

Your internet presence seems quite ‘manageable’. 161 people liked your Facebook page, and numerous liking the latest post presenting your new track. In contrast, Wait For Help has been played more than 35.000 times and YouDriveMeToMadness more than 8.000 times.
Do you have a strategy for making a name for yourself, or do you rely on a more organic and natural promotion (word-of-mouth)?

Haha, yeah. I definitely like to keep it personal, even though that’s virtually impossible and has become something of a millineal artist cliche. I’m really grateful for all the bloggers who have had open-hearts to my music. I don’t usually push the media sites all that much. I think traditional PR is totally fine but it’s nice to have fans ‘Like’ the page purely because they truly love it and sought it out and not because it’s been ubiquitously advertised or anything.

If you could pick any place in the world to perform YouDriveMeToMadness right now, where would it be?

If I could perform YouDriveMeToMadness anywhere in the world right now, I’d probably pick Berlin because I have friends there I’d love to see and who’d be happy to hear me perform!

What do you do when you’re neither at work nor recording?

When I’m not working on music: I read. I also love ‘ vintage ‘ gaming systems; Super Nintendo, I play a lot of that. I run. I take my dog for a walk. Nothing terribly spectacular. If I were in LA I’d probably surf, but the Northwest isn’t very good for that unfortunately!

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