Deap Vally – Debaser Strand, November 21st

Deap Vally – Debaser Strand, November 21st

LA’s rock-duo Deap Vally came down to Stockholm for a sold-out gig at Debaser Strand last week.
What I expected on forehand; loud rock tunes and loss of hearing.

Deap Vally - 2013-11-21-3419

The LA duo formed back in 2011 and made a name with their strong debut single Gonna Make My Own Money last year.
Deap Vally‘s bluesy hard-rock tunes ensured them support slots for Muse and the Vaccines, and a spot at Glastonbury after the release of their debut album Sistrionix in June.

Deap Vally - 2013-11-21-3436

Support on this evening came from fellow LA psychedelic-rock outfit  Jjuujjuu.

Deap Vally - 2013-11-21-3473

Drummer and vocalist Julie Edwards’ wild style of drumming contradicted her well-delivered vocals. Her out-of-control drum skills were mesmerizing, before punching you in the face with the bluesy rock.
And don’t get fooled by guitarist Lindsey Troy’s shiny glittery shorts; her raw guitar play blew me away!

Did Deap Vally deliver? Hell yeah! (Even though I used my earplugs…)

See the full set of pictures on Flickr.



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