Cosmo Sheldrake – Birthdays, November 12th

Cosmo Sheldrake – Birthdays, November 12th

Some artists get me puzzled. You read their biographies and press releases, trying to figure out who they are.
And even if you’re somewhat familiar with their tunes, some artists still amaze you with their live set.

Weaponed with an ironing board, a plethora of cables and boxes, multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Sheldrake‘s gig at Birthdays in Dalston was one to remember. Having locked in the support slot for Johnny Flynn‘s forthcoming tour, a handful of succesful tracks and a couple of cool videos ensured the ever-smiling curly guy had a full Birthdays to entertain.

The confident 23-year old (or did he already turn 24?) took time in between tracks to talk about his sound excursions, which lead him to record sounds in the Bulgarian mountains, Iceland, a pig sty and a launderette.

Taking inspiration from Mongolian folk music, the sound of the sun and stalking poor animals at Old Macdonald’s, Cosmo Sheldrake creates beautiful tracks from scratch. Sampling and freewheeling his way from buildup to climax, Cosmo used a gap in his setlist to ‘jam’ with the crowd, creating a unique soundscape that only these punters (primarily young blond girls, really) would know of.

As said, the results are amazing. Ranging from vocals in an unrecognizable language over a bright melody at the beginning of the set, to his sun-powered Rich, featuring samples from Anna Roo; every Cosmo Sheldrake track was entertaining.

Little useless prediction: Cosmo Sheldrake should appear on everyone’s ‘One-To-Watch in 2014’ list!



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