Half Moon Run – Debaser Strand, October 23rd

Half Moon Run – Debaser Strand, October 23rd

Guys, girls, take an extra deep breath. Wednesday night was compelling. Supported by mystic warm light, dusty air and a silent but nervous crowd, Half Moon Run took over Stockholm and created an energetic and magical atmosphere building an unforgettable memory; I still have goose bumps…
Half Moon Run - Debaser Strand
Founded in 2010, Half Moon Run is a Canadian indie rock band consisting of four members: Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Dylan Phillips and Isaac Symonds. They are known for completely taking over peoples´ emotions. Their songs are driven by urban folk music underlined with calm melodies, electronic ethereal sounds and big heart feelings. Having released their debut album Dark Eyes in March last year, the band are joining Mumford & Sons on their 2014 tour.
Half Moon Run - Debaser Strand
The Canadian band played at the newly opened Debaser Strand in Stockholm, and it was the best location they could choose!
Half Moon Run - Debaser Strand
The club, with its large black leather couches, a rather familiar stage, and small warm light bulbs competing with grey concrete walls, created a feeling of cosiness and complacency.
Half Moon Run - Debaser Strand
Little note as well regarding the support act Majical Cloudz, an electronic art pop duo from Montreal. Vocalist Devon Welsh and instrumentalist Matthew Otto impressed with a strong voice and a nice melody. Devon Welsh turned out to be a silent speaker talking to the audience with as few words and as long pauses as possible. In return, he for sure knew how to use his voice when singing!
Majical Cloudz (CA)
But highlight of the evening were undeniably the four-piece of Half Moon Run. When they played their most popular song, Full Circle, the crowd completely dropped their tension. Magic!
Half Moon Run - Debaser Strand
And as always; the last song is not the last song.
After the band had played their announced last song and left the stage, people wanted an encore. They did. Stepping to the edge of the stage, they could not be closer to the crowd and performed their very last song in a beautiful way, only using voices, guitar and harmonica. You could feel the audience holding its breath. Moments got mystical. These four guys owned the night!

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