Bloodflower – Horizon

Bloodflower – Horizon

No, I’m not gonna start with ‘Ah, Bloodflower, yes, they’re from Wales’.
No, really, that’s too easy… And I have nothing against Wales!

Bloodflower is a lovely collaboration between two long-term friends from Wales. What started as Tom Manning and Jonnie Owen just coming together to work on some ideas a year ago, now has turned into a potential new hype.

Bloodflower’s debut single Indigo got played various times on XFM and BBC Radio 1 among others.
Horizon is the title of their second single, which came out on Monday.

What is sounds like? Like Yeasayer finally making a radio-friendly tune that’ll be stuck in your head for days, yet not too radio-friendly to end up in the deep dark music sadness as featured in Channel 4 ads… Forcing you to click on play again, and again, and again… If that doesn’t make sense, well, ehm, just listen to the track below!

Want to see the band live? Then you’ll have to wait until October, when they’ll be performing at Huw Stephen’s SWN Festival.
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