AlunaGeorge Mania (3 gigs)

AlunaGeorge Mania (3 gigs)

I’m going to have to take you back in time a month or so for the beginning of this review, before spiriting you forwards again, for in the last five weeks, I have seen AlunaGeorge play THREE TIMES. I could have written a review about each occasion, but as conservation is ever our watchword, I have combined them into one lovely jumbo review.

1. AlunaGeorge at Electric Brixton

With a capacity of 1500, the Electric Brixton was their biggest venue to date. Delays with the album meant that what was supposed to be an album launch night in fact happened a full month before the album was available. Both these things caused slight problems for me. I found the atmosphere in the moderately large venue lacking at times.

The band played the show as if it was their album launch, playing a long set comprising of all of the tracks on the album, often playing three new songs in a row before treating the audience to an old favourite.

Had this show been on the week of release, people would have had a chance to stream the album and would have been familiar with all of the songs, but as it was, the audience seemed to lose focus during these new songs, and the atmosphere was only really buzzing during the singles.

Playing both their Disclosure collaboration White Noise and Your Drums, Your Love in the encore really was the highlight of the variable show.

2. AlunaGeorge at New Slang, McCluskys, Kingston

AlunaGeorge @ New Slang Abi Dainton

Let’s fast-forward two weeks and change the setting to McCluskys, Kingston for AlunaGeorge at the excellent New Slang club night. Before we even start, they have earned brownie points by playing a venue a) 10 minutes walk from my flat and b) charging only £7 for tickets. Add this to a smaller, more intimate venue and a cut back set list of 11 rather than 15 songs and you have a truly excellent show.

They seemed to have learnt their lesson from Brixton and alternated old and new songs, which kept the audience engaged. Attracting Flies was a massive highlight, with Aluna visibly delighted that we knew the words and sang along. White Noise and Your Drums, Your Love finished off the show on a high, as they had in Brixton, but without the feeling of making up for the lulls in the show.
(You can find the full photo set on Flickr)

3. AlunaGeorge Instore at Banquet Records

AlunaGeorge @ Banquet Records Abi Dainton

Back into the time machine, and now it’s actual album launch day and 60 people are in Banquet Records. Bonus brownie points for this one by being a) 5 minutes walk from my flat and b) free with an album purchase.

As you may have gathered, I am a fan of small venues and concise sets, and at three songs long, this set certainly ticked that box. They started off with You Know You Like It, followed by Attracting Flies and finished on a stunning version of Your Drums, Your Love.

See the full set of stunning shots at Flickr!

My only criticism of this show was one of my own making and it was that I was standing so close to them that I couldn’t sing along at the top of my voice without looking like a crazy megafan. I mumbled along instead.



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