Gabrielle Aplin – New Slang, May 9th 2013

Gabrielle Aplin – New Slang, May 9th 2013

On Thursday 9th May, the lovely Gabrielle Aplin was back in Kingston Upon Thames to perform at Banquet Records’ alternative club night, New Slang.

 Gabrielle Aplin @ New Slang

It’s rare to see a number 1 selling artist playing such an intimate show, and even more rare for them not to perform that song, but that is exactly what you got with Gabrielle Aplin.

 Gabrielle Aplin @ New Slang

Cast your minds back to Christmas 2012 and you may remember a rather lovely version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love soundtracking the traditionally festive John Lewis ad and being played widely across the radio stations. Since then, Aplin has announced that she signed to Parlophone and has completed her debut album, English Rain, released this week.

 Gabrielle Aplin @ New Slang

Aplin makes the kind of music that could be forgettable, but somehow isn’t. She sings beautifully. Alone on the stage with nothing but a guitar for company, she seems at home in the spotlight. Her most recent single, Panic Cord, starts off the set a little quietly considering that people could be heard talking at the back of the club. By the time she announced that the next song was her last, the audience were rapt and demanded an encore. Looking delighted, she slipped in an extra song before joking that we were to imagine that she had left the stage and returned for the encore, the lovely Home, which I hummed badly the way home.

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