To Kill A King – Scala, April 10th 2013

To Kill A King – Scala, April 10th 2013

It literally took me months to finally see one of my favorite bands; To Kill A King.
But I made sure I didn’t have to cancel this time. So, yesterday evening, I joined the long queue outside the chewing gum-free Scala in London.

Yeah, we had to get rid of the oh-so-dangerous-and-polluting chewing gum package before getting into the next queue for two bottles of coke. Seven minutes and £5.40 lighter, we encountered London’s sister act The Edmondsons on stage.
Sisters Jane, Ruth & Cat could be the UK’s answer to First Aid Kit with their lovely harmonies and angelic voices. The Edmondsons
are due to release their debut EP Protector later this month.

Protector (demo) by TheEdmondsons

Next up were Newcastle’s bottle of whisky sharing Shields. We’re still unsure if we have to tag them as a synth-pop outfit, indie-rock band or, well, anything else… The lads released their Kaleidoscope EP in November featuring top tracks such as Mezzanine,Turning Corners and almost Local Natives-like Silhouette. Pretty damn good tunes if you ask me!

Shields – Mezzanine by SHIELDS

After Shields’ set, we had to wait for main act To Kill A King to start. So, I decided to refresh my chewing gum (you see a trend here right?) and get rid of my empty bottle.
I noticed Ralph walking (nervously) up and down the corridor while the resident ‘DJ’ played yet another Arctic Monkeys’ track.

To Kill A King released their magnificent debut album Cannibals With Cutlery earlier this year, which we simply adore!
Opening with the calm track Gasp/The Reflex, To Kill A King showed that you don’t need a lot of noise in the first minute of your gig to impress your crowd.
Strengthened by a three-headed brass ensemble, To Kill A King were able to convert the beautiful album productions to the big stage.

Front man Ralph interacted regularly with the crowd between songs. He even showed his vulnerability when he said that playing keyboard is the only thing that makes him nervous during gigs.
The band went through all the top notch track from their debut album, and invited both support acts on stage to join them for Choices, before disappearing off-stage for a minute or so.

To Kill A King
came back for two tracks as encore, with Fictional State being the climax of the evening. The second half of the track saw their guitarist Ian climb up on the speakers and wrestle his guitar through the most energetic minutes of the gig. Goosebumps!

I’m happy to say that To Kill A King’s gig was the best I’ve seen this year so far!

To Kill A King will release their new single Funeral later this month. You can listen to it below!

Set list:
Gasp/The Reflex
Cold Skin
Wrecking Crew
We Used To Protest/Gamble
Cannibals With Cutlery
I Work Nights
Fictional State

Photo credits go to our marvelous Abi, who shot this picture last month at the Bastille gig!



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