Imagine Dragons – Debaser Medis, April 15th 2013

Imagine Dragons – Debaser Medis, April 15th 2013

Sadly, we could not cover the epic concert from Imagine Dragons in Debaser Medis ourselves.
Thanks to courtesy of Liselott Lindberg from, it feels like we were there a bit as well.

Imagine Dragons - Dan Reynolds

After Imagine Dragons were booked to Debaser Slussen, a lot happened to the band. So much so that they had to be re-booked to the bigger venue Debaser Medis instead, and even that venue sold out in no time. In short, the Las Vegas band is awfully popular in Stockholm!

Imagine Dragons - Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons drum-intensive song were sung along by the majority of the crowd. Crowd’s favorites Radioactive, It’s Time and On Top Of The World all came by during Imagine Dragon’s set.
The band, including singer Dan Reynolds, were electric on stage, although a small part of the crowd seemed too noisy during the more laid-back, lesser known, parts of the show.

Imagine Dragons - Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons are a very promising band and will sell out bigger arenas if they keep up in this pace. Logically, their sold-out show at Debaser will be one to remember…



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