Triggerfinger – The Garage, March 7th 2013

Triggerfinger – The Garage, March 7th 2013

Oooooh yeahhhh, you looks are top! Triggerfinger</strong> are back in the UK for three gigs, to promote the re-release of their 2011 Sound City album All This Dancin’ Around. First stop: The Garage in Islington.

Triggerfinger- The Garage, March 7th 2013 (4)

There’s not much I can say about Triggerfinger other than what I’ve said before; They’re loud, they’re awesome, they’re one of my favorite bands and you really have to see them live!
Triggerfinger epitomizes what rock is all about. Loud guitars, epic drums and an oh-so-sweet and sexy performance!

Triggerfinger- The Garage, March 7th 2013 (5)

From the first chords of I’m Coming For You, their well-known tracks Camaro and their latest single Let It Ride, to the ever brilliant covers of I Follow Rivers and Man Down, Triggerfinger put on a show like no other.

Triggerfinger- The Garage, March 7th 2013 (3)

Cymbal-licking drummer Mario smiles throughout the whole concert, Monsieur Paul equals mysterious groovy control, while frontman Ruben makes love to his guitar and entertains the crowd with somewhat sensual dance moves.
As usual, but special nonetheless, each Triggerfinger gig features a drum solo by Belgium’s best drummer, with the crowd chanting “Mario Mario Mario”. The love and energy between the band and the audience was amazing. Apparently, there were fans from Poland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and even Sweden over to enjoy an evening of Triggerfinger greatness!

Triggerfinger- The Garage, March 7th 2013 (2)

Triggerfinger put on another marvellous show with a mix of old and new tracks covered in their trademark showmanship. Lets end with a fact: Triggerfinger gigs are far more entertaining than any Justin Bieber performance! No fake fainting needed!

If you’d like to hear more from Antwerp’s loudest, head over to iTunes, where you’ll be able to download their previous albums.
Oh and don’t forget to read our very special Triggerfinger interview from early last week.



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