Smith Westerns – Varsity

Smith Westerns – Varsity

Oh dear… Again a grey and rainy afternoon in London today. Thank you Monday for that! What a start of the week You make me sad. Really sad!
Time for a cuppa, some biscuits and good music…

So, here’s Smith Westerns, a four-piece from Chicago, Illinois. The band released two studio albums so far, and are due to release number three in June.
The track below, Varsity, is the first single from the new album. Give it a spin!

Varisty is from the forthcoming Smith Westerns album Soft Will, which is out June 11th on Mom+Pop.
The single is out now. Available via iTunes, or on 7″ featuring B-side Case & Point on May 14th.
Head over to their Facebook page for more information!



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