Purity Ring – St John-at-Hackney Church, March 14th 2013

Purity Ring – St John-at-Hackney Church, March 14th 2013

Purity Ring almost passed me by last year, but I’m glad that they crept into my consciousness with their excellent album Shrines, which went on to become one of my albums of the year.

I don’t normally book gigs two nights in a row (sleep is too valuable), but I made an exception this time. We traipsed over to Hackney, something of a mission from SW London, to the beautiful St John-at-Hackney Church.

Evian Christ was playing as we went in. The overriding experience of this set was noise. It was incredibly loud. Also really enjoyable. Honestly, I’m not sure whether it was good or not, but the sheer volume meant that I was engrossed.

 Purity Ring @ St John at Hackney Church

The Purity Ring set was visually stunning. A lighting set up included hanging pods, percussion lights and a beautiful drum which were activated by hitting them. Musically, I enjoyed the set. Not every song is a stand out, sing-a-long hit, but the engaging stage was more than enough to make up for any low moments in the songs. Highlights were Obedear and the excellent Fineshrine.

 Purity Ring @ St John at Hackney Church

If you like your electro-pop dark and a little mystical, Purity Ring are definitely worth checking out.



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