Maps & Atlases – Debaser Slussen, February 20th 2013

Maps & Atlases – Debaser Slussen, February 20th 2013

One of my favorite venues, Debaser Slussen in Stockholm, was the host of one of Maps & Atlases‘ stops on their 2013 tour.

Maps & Atlases

I was quite looking forward to the gig of the ‘Flying finger band’, as a DJ called them once. Sadly, only around 50 people came down to Debaser to see Maps & Atlases. Nevertheless, the 50 brave souls that did show up witnessed a brilliant performance in an intimate setting. It sometimes felt like a living room concert, which resulted in many thanks from Maps & Atlases to the audience for showing up.
The band didn’t feel too big or famous to perform for such a small crowd. As a matter of fact, Maps & Atlases did a lot of things themselves. Take for example the sound-checking, and even the light effects were managed by bass player Shiraz Dada in between kick-ass dance moves.

Maps & Atlases

I really felt a sparkly energetic vibe from the band when they played the track Winter. The concert was almost exactly as expected upfront, which in this case was very good. You should definitely go out to see their show, if they are at a venue near you soon! Find out some of Maps & Atlases gigs at the bottom of this article.

For more information on Maps & Atlases, head over to their website and give them a like on Facebook!

Upcoming tour dates in March:
2nd Art School Glasgow, United Kingdom
3rd The Ruby Lounge Manchester, United Kingdom
4th Brudenell Social Leeds, United Kingdom
5th Kazimer Liverpool, United Kingdom
6th Dingwalls London, United Kingdom
7th Green Door Store Brighton, United Kingdom
8th Lousiana Bristol, United Kingdom
9th Marlowe Theatre Studio Canterbury, United Kingdom



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