Lucy Rose – Debaser Slussen, February 27th 2013

Lucy Rose – Debaser Slussen, February 27th 2013

A few weeks ago, singer/songwriter Lucy Rose took over Debaser Slussen in Stockholm. Originally from Warwickshire England, Lucy Rose was on tour promoting her debut album Like I Used To, which was released in September last year.

The show kicked off with a kind of quiet drama, with the artist alone onstage, looking a little fragile and reticent behind her big acoustic guitar. But as she began singing, it became immediately clear that Lucy Rose has a golden voice and a songwriting style that belies her twenty-three years.

Lucy Rose - Debaser Slussen, Feb 27th 2013 (1)

After a handful of rueful yet upbeat tracks like Middle of the Bed and Red Face, comparisons to Canada’s Feist were a little hard to ignore, especially when the rest of the band joined the singer onstage. But the earnestness and humility of both the performer and the music more than made up for the familiarity. Unlike many other ‘up and coming’ acts, Lucy Rose and her band mates seemed genuinely thankful to be there with us. At one point she even mentioned how worried they were that nobody would show up for the evening.

Show up we did. And by the time the set ended with a wickedly soulful and sad rendition of Shiver, one of the strongest tracks on the album, the applause seemed to all but guarantee the modest but enthusiastic crowd would gladly do it again.

You can download Lucy Rose’s Like I Used To on iTunes, or pick up a copy in a record store near you.



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