Bastille – Banquet Records, March 6th 2013

Bastille – Banquet Records, March 6th 2013

It was 5.30pm on a weeknight and, once again, I found myself queuing with people half my age to be let into Banquet Records for one of their excellent instore gigs. This time it was for Bastille, a band whose rise from relative obscurity to chart topping has been meteoric.

The store was packed, busier than I’d ever seen it. The show (free with a pre-order of the Bastille album, Bad Blood) had been sold out for months. Sometimes these small, instore gigs can be subdued affairs, people seem to be embarrassed to cheer and clap when the band is within whispering distance. There was no sign of this reserve with the Bastille instore. There was an atmosphere of excitement, bolstered by the knowledge that the band we were seeing play in a tiny shop was on course for a number 1 album and top 5 single at the weekend.

The band started off with the title track from their album, Bad Blood only pausing to describe the “headfuck” of being on course for a number 1 album and urging us to buy 50 more copies each to ensure it didn’t disappear from the top 40, before launching into a second track from the new album.

The final two songs were what we’d been waiting for. Flaws followed by Pompeii. Brilliant, sing-along stuff.

Bad Blood is out now, and available via iTunes and in every record store near you!



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