Stornoway – New Slang, February 21st 2013

Stornoway – New Slang, February 21st 2013

McClusky’s, Kingston might not sound like the ideal place for live music, but working with the almighty Banquet Records, New Slang is a weekly alternative music often featuring top quality live bands. Yesterday, New Slang was the domain for a packed Stornoway gig.

Laura J Martin, a barefoot wizard with a loop pedal, who creates lush, overlapping sounds, started the evening off .
At 10.45, on this “the last day of their first tour of their second album,” Stornoway came on stage and, starting as they meant to go on, launched into their excellent new single Knock Me On The Head.

Stornoway – New Slang, February 21st 2013
It is challenging for a band to be touring an album before it is released, but Stornoway kept the momentum of the set going by interspersing unheard songs with old favorites, and every song from their album Beachcomber’s Windowsill felt like an old favorite. Cheers went up on the opening bars of every song from the album, although none louder than for Zorbing, their biggest hit to date.

As live performers, Stornoway excel. From singer and guitarist Brian Biggs’ engaging presence to the variety of instruments used (including a saw, block of wood, newspapers and something that looked like a pineapple, but probably wasn’t) there’s always something to look at.

Stornoway – New Slang, February 21st 2013
Stornoway’s second album Tales From Terra Firma is out on the 11th of March 2013. Have a listen, learn all the songs then go along to their tour (starting mid March) and sing along at the top of your voice.

Knock Me On The Head
The Bigger Picture
Coldharbour Road
Fuel Up
Take Me As I Am
Here Comes The Blackout
Farewell Appalachia
The Ones/Clockwatching

I Saw You Blink
The Great Procrastinator
Watching Birds

You can pre-order Stornoway’s forthcoming album Tales from Terra Firma on iTunes, or get it from a record store near you!
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