Hurts – Heaven, Feb 7th 2013

Hurts – Heaven, Feb 7th 2013

Why perform new tracks before you’ve released your new album?
Well, because you’re bloody confident of your new tracks, and you know that you’re fans will love them!

Opening for Hurts today is Swedish sister act Say Lou Lou. No, they’re no longer named Saint Lou Lou unfortunately…
Last time that I saw Say Lou Lou was last year at the Old Blue Last, when they were the surprise act at Casablanca’s single release party!
And boy, were they a surprise.

Now, a few months down the line, not much has really changed about Say Lou Lou. Still, Say Lou Lou make dark electro tracks with a hint of pop, and the crowd is only really familiar with Only You. And just like last time, the girls are hanging on to their mic stands to make sure they don’t fall over.
Or at least, that’s what I think…

Opening with the title track from the forthcoming album, Exile, Hurts need little time to get the crowd on their feet with new material.
Dressed in a long jacket with a hoodie, and sporting leather gloves, Theo’s silhouette during Exile was that of a boxer getting back in the ring, ready to fight, ready to conquer the world again.

Even the not-so-original Miracle sounded pretty damn awesome live, with Adam and Theo really showing their enthusiasm and belief in their new material.
Not to forget crowd-favourites Wonderful Life and Silver Lining, during which the woman next to me lost half of her drinks by imitating Theo’s signature silver lining arm movements… Yes, there are people who copy his movements 1:1. Die-hard fans, I love them! Except when they also spill my drinks…

Blind was one of the new tracks on the setlist, and is my favourite of the new tracks. Can’t wait to hear the album version of that track!
Hurts did well to mix up all the fans’ favourites and new tracks. By doing so, I think Theo and Adam saw lots of happy faces in the crowd, who were singing along to Evelyn, before being amazed by Cupid, before switching back to Happiness material. Sunday is still amazing, but Illuminated is for me the best song of the night. Goosebumps I’m telling ya!

That was my cue to head back to the bar in the hunt for new drinks. I finally got my half litre of refreshments (read: water with Pepsi taste) halfway through Illuminated and decided to wait for the song to finish before elbowing my way upfront again.

I might have not paid attention while getting my drinks, but I believe the encore was already implemented in the setlist, resulting in a rather abrupt end to the concert after massive hits Better Than Love and Stay. This is anyway a strange song to finish with, as everyone leaves after stay… Although, it might have been the right day to do so, as we said goodbye in the pouring rain…

Hurts are still a great band to see live and are now on the verge of their career defining moments; the release of the difficult second. We’re quite sure that the guys’ popularity will skyrocket again, from what we’ve heard during the gig!

Wonderful Life
Silver Lining
The Road
Better Than Love



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