Funeral Suits – Debaser Slussen, Feb 1st 2013

Funeral Suits – Debaser Slussen, Feb 1st 2013

It’s the first of February, on yet another dark and freezing night in Stockholm. Funeral Suits are set to play at Debaser Slussen. At this point, I don’t know much about this four-piece out of Dublin, other than that their debut album Lily of the Valley (which we reviewed way way back) was produced by the legendary Stephen Street, perhaps best known for his work with nineties acts like The Cranberries and Morrissey. I’ve also checked out a video for Hands Down By Your Side, featuring hipster chicks in long dresses being hunted down by a cult of what appears to be school kids in pig masks. The song itself is a dark, drawling piece set to meditative guitar riffs that build slow and like the video, never really get anywhere.

Funeral Suits - Debaser Slussen, Feb 1st 2013 (2)

So it’s a big surprise when these guys hit the stage and immediately launch into an hour-long set that is absolutely brimming with energy. Playing mostly from the Lily’s record, the group gets our typically shy Swedish audience into it right away with tracks like Machines Too and All Those Friendly People. There is a lot of big droning guitar sound in Funeral Suits’ music, but it’s driven by a relentless rhythm section, bright synthesizers and vocals that keep the whole sound upbeat and somehow harmonious. At times it harkened back to some of the early U2 records. Think New Year’s Day with The Edge playing his solos with a terrible hang-over.

The show ends and the lights come up and we’re all left standing there feeling a certain positive tension lingering in the room. The DJ’s starts up with a brit-pop set, but maybe we’re hoping for one more from the Irish lads.
And I start wondering if Funeral Suits need to change their name to something more like the shameless, red-faced fun we’re all feeling now on the dance floor. Like, maybe The Birthday Suits? Ah, maybe not, but I’m hoping to see more from these guys in the future!



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