FSM Favorite : Mozes and the Firstborn

FSM Favorite : Mozes and the Firstborn

Honest confidence, awful arrogance or just an inside joke? Dutch/Belgian outfit Mozes and the Firstborn decided to use the following (awesome) bio to describe who they are:

Finally they are here. The messiah has arisen. Break the shackles of daily routine, the straitjacket of expectations. Break free from everything you love. Resistance is futile.

Yeah, expectations are high with a bio like that, but if you’d listen to their track I Got Skills, you’ll soon find out that they might have a point.
Mozes and the Firstborn make modern-day garage rock with 70’s rock influence and harmonic choruses; just the thing we adore!

They’ve recently been on the biggest Dutch tv program ‘DWDD’, which boosted their single I Got Skills up to number 21 in the local iTunes charts.

Have a listen to four of their best tracks in the Soundcloud player below.
Our favorite tracks are Burn Burn Burn and I Got Skills. Just click on the play button below and fall in love with this band!

For more information on Mozes and the Firstborn, head over to the bible.. ehm.. Facebook or visit their site, where their debut 7″ is available for under €10!



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