Blaudzun – Euphoria (Lyric Video)

Our bearded friend Blaudzun is back with a brand new album early next year. His accompanying prologue tour is quickly selling out in the Netherlands, underlining his popularity in his


Cosmo Sheldrake & Jana Eidse – I Threw A Rock Into The Sea

He’s one of the ‘lucky few’ on our Sound of 2014 list, and back with a brand new track, the first one in over 6 months! Cosmo Sheldrake teamed up


SLK – Ride

Nah, don’t worry. We’re not turning into Top Gear, discussing how great a ride in a Mercedes SLK can be on a deserted Swiss highway, or that the compact roadster


Metronomy – I’m Aquarius

Metronomy go all 2001: A Space Oddity in the video for their latest single I’m Aquarius. The Kubrick-esque clip is directed by Edouard Salier, and is a 4-minute long visual


Naive New Beaters – Choose Life (feat. MmMmM)

French electro trio Naive New Beaters are currently releasing new videos every week of their NNBS The Guestlist Mixtape. The mixtape features collaborations between NNBS and some bright ‘exotic friends


FSM Sound of 2014

We all know that no-one really agrees with the BBC Sound of whatever-year-longlist, the final 5 or the winner right!? And we can all create a better list, can’t we?


CEO – Whorehouse

‘And I felt like I opened Pandora’s Box’ The intro of CEO‘s latest single exactly describes what I feel when I listen to Whorehouse. Whorehouse is CEO‘s return after its


Debian Blak – Say You ft Joshua Idehen

Debian Blak released the Six Months From Mars EP earlier this year, gaining support from various taste definers in the ‘industry’. Hard working Joshua Idehen, Benin City‘s front man and