The Spinto Band – O2 Academy Islington, November 20th 2012

The Spinto Band – O2 Academy Islington, November 20th 2012

The great guys from The Spinto Band, who released their third ‘real’ studio album Shy Pursuit earlier this year, finally commenced on their Euro tour!
It’s been three years since the lads last played a gig in London, which was shortly after the release of sophomore Moonwink. And boy, were we happy to have them back in the UK again!
We were so happy, that we had an interview with the band just before the gig, but more on that next week!

Opening for The Spinto Band were one of the bands we’ve been supporting for a while now; Casablanca.
However, we were quite unfortunate to miss them this time, as it took us 20 minutes to sort out an issue with the guest-list… So, we had to listen to the set outside of the venue, together with the two joking bouncers.
When the guest list was finally sorted out, we were just in time to see the guys play the last notes of their last track. So, we saw Casablanca taking their stuff of the stage. That meant time for us to buy our drinks, find a spot with a view on the small stage and wait.

The Spinto Band opened with one of my favorite tracks: The Living Things, which we featured on the website a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with The Spinto Band; the guys make perfect indie-pop with catchy melodies and radio-friendly lyrics.

The Spinto Band - O2 Academy Islington, Nov 20 2012 (3)

Halfway through the set, poor Joe had issues with his guitar which was electrocuting him. He said that he lost his vision for a few seconds and could smell his fingertips burning… Ouch! Don’t worry, he told us he’s doing fine again…

The lads went through a nice mix on their set-list of new Shy Pursuit tracks, and old crowd favorites.
One of the Spinto Band‘s most loved and well-known track Oh Mandy generated lots of cheers from the crowd. The guys even played the awesome Brown Boxes, coming from debut album Nice and Nicely Done.
The track features the magnificent/annoying (circle your preference) kazoos!
And they played their brilliant cover of the classic Brazil, with a few instrument changes in between.

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The Spinto Band underlined yet again that they’re one of the best indie-pop bands around!

For more information on the Spinto Band, head over to their website.
You can buy all their released from iTunes and from their webshop.