Chad Valley – Debaser Slussen, December 5th 2012

Chad Valley – Debaser Slussen, December 5th 2012

One of our best guest-writer and photographer Adam el Azab covered Chad Valley´s gig in Stockholm Debaser last week.
From bedroom records, to the full band Jonquil, and now recording as solo artist; Chad Valley is Hugo Manuel’s latest project and achieved great success with it!

Chad Valley - Debaser Stockholm Dec 5th 2012

It’s been almost two years ago since Chad Valley played at the West out West festival in Sweden, but on that Wednesday evening he was back bringing real energy with his classic pop, combined with modern electro straight from Oxford.
Taking the concept of less-is-more a bit further and filling many hearts with joy.

With simple beats and colorful melodies this is somebody who has really innovated this typical style of music.

The club was crowded with a lot of different people, which is a great sign that Chad Valley has really reached a lot of people and when he started playing his hit Now that I’m real (How does it feel?) they really shrieked and sang with. You could literally see the musical joy in everybody’s eyes.

Chad Valley - Debaser Stockholm Dec 5th 2012

If that is not magic, I don’t know what is!

For more information on Chad Valley, head over to his website.
You can get your hands on Chad Valley’s debut album Young Hunger and some of the old EP’s via iTunes.



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