The 1975 – Sex EP

The 1975 – Sex EP

Remember 1975? Well I don’t. However, this Manchester 4-piece called The 1975, with frontman Matt Healy, decided that using that year as a band name would be rather awesome; just as the year itself. The year in which The Wheel of Fortune debuted on NBC and Space Mountain opened at Disney World; the year that Microsoft was founded, Peter Gabriel departed Genesis and Aston Villa won the League Cup… What a remarkable year that was right!?

Anyway, The 1975, formally known as DriveLikeIDo, the B I G S L E E P, T H E S L O W D O W N, and T A L K H O U S E, are claimed to be one of the hottest bands around at the moment, if you have to believe various influential music sources on the web.
Although, there are some smart bloggers that are thinking the same as I do; why haven’t I heard of them before, and did they become this trendy and hot in such a short time? (Well, the answer to these questions is… Universal.)
The lads released the Facedown EP a few months ago, and are due to release the Sex EP; four new tracks of noir-pop delight!

Sex EP opens with Intro / Set 3, which is quite frankly not my favorite track. Am actually a bit sad that this is the first track of the EP. Luckily, when you download the EP, you have the option of shuffle and skip! Focusing on the positives on the EP; Undo is a rather slow track with a cool repetitive riff in the melodic chorus that goes ‘Girl, I wanna see you undo it, I wanna see you when you’re not mine.’
The title track opens with a completely different pace and approach however. The track Sex has quicker guitars, Matt’s clear vocals and recognizable lyrics. The track has already over 90.000 plays on SoundCloud, just a few days before the official release.
The sound of last track You is somewhat between Undo and Sex. The track features a distant guitar riff, somewhat dark echoing vocals with synths between the various parts of the track. It’s darker than Sex, more towards Manchester’s dark electronic pop.

Verdict: 3.5/5
The 1975’s second EP will give the lads more attention for sure, although the focus will primarily be on the title track and You. Their fine pop noir might not be popular among a larger audience, but this Manchester quartet are sure to have an impact on the radio channels in the upcoming months. Only if the ‘explicit’ material is allowed on national radio…

The 1975’s Sex EP will be available on iTunes from Monday the 19th.

Intro / Set 3



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