FSM Favorite : Slam Donahue

FSM Favorite : Slam Donahue

NY-based pop trio Slam Donahue are due to release their Hemlock Tea EP. The EP is produced by Ayad Al Adhamy (who worked with Passion Pit in the past) and coming out in November via Cantora Records. C’mon C’mon follows the band’s first two singles Bug In the Sun and I Turn On released earlier this summer. Slam Donahue will continue to play select NYC shows this fall, including appearances at CMJ ’12.

According to their bio, they are sometimes rappers, writers, actors, models, and filmmakers. And they enjoy Xbox basketball and reading.
Claiming that their songs reflect their personalities and anxieties, I assume they are catchy radio friendly guys… I guess that’s not the way they meant that sentence…

Anyway, have a listen at one of my favorite tracks, which you can download for free as well!
The track is called Where Were We on The Weekend and comes from the Hemlock Tea EP.

Be nice and give Slam Donahue like on their Facebook page!
Oh, and you can buy and download some other cool tracks, including the Big House Nice Dreams album/EP and a free mix tape on their Bandcamp page!



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