CHVRCHES – Elektrowerkz, November 21st 2012

CHVRCHES – Elektrowerkz, November 21st 2012

The following post has been written by Abi (Follow her on Twitter), who was also so kind to provide us with these awesome pictures of Chvrches‘ gig at Elektrowerkz.

There are not many songs that have had more plays in my flat over the last few months than ChvrchesThe Mother We Share, so I leapt at the chance to see that live at Electrowerkz courtesy of Eat Your Own Ears.

A few steps away from Angel tube station, Electrowerkz is a venue devoid of pretension. With drinks in cans and a black light that only the brave stand directly under, it is a great venue for a band starting out.

We arrived to catch the end of the support act, Miaoux Miaoux, a solo artist with plenty of potential, but maybe stretched to do everything alone. The venue was starting to fill, but there was a noticeable four metre gap between the front of the stage and the people at the front. It seemed as if this audience, made up of people from the music industry and bloggers, as well as fans of the band, might be too cool to stand at the front. However, as Miaoux Miaoux left the stage, the audience started to move forward and by the time Chvrches came on, the venue was full to bursting. The atmosphere was expectant.

The set started strongly with If We Sink. By the third song, Lies, which is the first that the band had released online, the audience was fully behind them, behaving as genuine fans of the band rather than industry folk and reviewers.

Chvrches - Electrowerkz Abi Dainton

In a set with many highlights, a cover of Prince’s I Would Die 4 U, renamed I Would Die For V, is worth commenting on for it’s seamless blending into the set. That, and, of course, the blisteringly good end to the show that was The Mother We Share. It was the song that the audience had been waiting for, and was the perfect way to finish a remarkably polished set from a band at the beginning of their career.

Fewer than 40 minutes after they came on stage, they were gone, at the mercifully early time of 10.15 for those of use who live in Zone 6.

File Chvrches under Ones to Watch. Closely! If this set is anything to go on, the album is going to be worth investing in, and if you’re heading to Field Day festival next year, they should be at the top of your list.

You can see Abi’s full set of Chvrches pictures on Flickr.



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