Tall Ships – XOYO, October 22nd 2012

Tall Ships – XOYO, October 22nd 2012

As a band, you know you’re doing okay as soon as there are grim and grumpy ticket touters in front of the venue on a sold-out night.
That was the case yesterday with Tall Ships’ gig in XOYO London, who released their splendid debut album Everything Touching two weeks ago.

Opener Dad Rocks!, fronted by Icelandic Snævar Njáll Albertsson, knew exactly how to get the crowd falling for their charming and quirky songs, while the second support act Tellison delivered a dose of American-influenced rock to the home crowd.

Headliners Tall Ships have been touring for two weeks now to promote their debut album, and boy, they had the crowd excited even before playing one note. The tension of a memorable evening was in the air, which makes sense as Tall Ships’ star has been rising rapidly since the release of their self-titled EP back in 2010. They’ve already performed at Leeds and Reading festival and are due to join Nada Surf on their european tour.

Tall Ships - XOYO 22nd Oct 2012

The Brighton trio came onstage at 10.15 and left little room for silence as they went on full speed through the first two songs, on maximum volume.
With no half measures, Tall Ships blasted their tracks with enormous energy towards the dancing crowd. They opened the set with the first track of the album T=0, before playing track number two of the album Best Ever. One of my favorite tracks Gallop also sounded fuller, more powerful and was delivered with some intensity, damn. Even the 9-minute long album closer Murmurations found its way to the short set list.

Tall Ships - XOYO 22nd Oct 2012

Opposed to some tracks on the album, Tall Ships is very powerful when playing live, with an enormous volume and a mesmerizing performance. The lovely sweaty smell in the front of the audience was a sign that the crowd was loving it.
As the set progressed, the crowd got even more into it and sang along with every track on the set list.

It might have been a bit too loud for some parts of the crowd, but I assume that the majority of yesterday’s fans were very pleased with the live transformation of some of the tracks.
It makes you wonder how the coming couple of months will be for the three lads, as this gig demonstrated that a venue like XOYO might not be the size of podium they need or want.

After a sweaty evening, two things are clear; Tall Ships are already too big (and loud) to play small venues like this. And I’m partly deaf today…

For more information, and to order Everything Touching, head over to Tall Ships’ website.



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