FSM Favorite : The Erratic Man

FSM Favorite : The Erratic Man

The Erratic Man, the side project of former Infadels front-man and regular vocalist of Rinôçérôse, Bnann, took shape a few months ago when the little big man released a video for his first single Back in the Day.
Featuring a scala of taxidermy creatures, the video became a well-seen one on the interwebs.

As the Infadels disbanded, the Erratic Man started to grow. And no, no jokes this time about someone’s height!
At the release party of debut single Back in the Day last week at Heavenly Social in downtown London, we noticed that the Erratic Man is not just Bnann, but it’s a duo! At least, they are on stage!

During this gig, the Erratic Man got the crowd dancing on the catchy Drum Machine and When Your Hope Is Gone. Logically, new material is expected to tickle our ears shortly.
Time for us to declare The Erratic Man as yet another of our FSM Favorites!

You can listen and download a remix of Erratic Man’s Back in the Day by Blessed Beats below.

For more information on the Erratic Man, keep an eye on their Twitter account and don’t forget to Like their Facebook page as well!

Ah, and don’t be afraid; that’s not Bnann on the picture!



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