Between The Buried And Me – Debaser, October 16th 2012

Between The Buried And Me – Debaser, October 16th 2012

Yes, correct. Between The Buried And Me on FrontStageMusic. I hear you think: ‘What, metal?’.
Granted, FrontStageMusic’s core focus lies on indie rock, but that does not mean that’s all we listen to. I think it can be very interesting for you, our regular readers, to occasionally hear about other bands that we as your trusted reviewers like (as has already been done a few times in the past). Who knows, you might discover something you never knew you liked!

Before I start my review of the gig, I would like to explain why I think Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM) might be worth your time. BTBAM isn’t your average metal band. Asking someone to describe the band by putting a genre label on it is almost impossible given the overlap of styles BTBAM incorporates. Keeping it as simple as possible, I would say it mostly likely falls somewhere between metalcore, mathcore, and progressive metal, while being extremely technical and using a wide variety of non-metal additions and interludes. No, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.
I have been a big fan of these guys for the past five years, and their album Colors from 2007 is probably part of my top 5 records ever published. BTBAM takes some getting used to – even for people who listen to metal or core on a daily basis – and you will probably dislike it the first time you hear it (I know I did), but I have yet to come across a band that is musically as impressive. I can’t recommend this band enough.

During this tour, BTBAM is touring with The Safety Fire and Periphery. Being not that emerged into the world of young metal(core) bands, I had never heard of either of these bands. When I entered Debaser, The Safety Fire was already halfway through their half hour set. I could understand why they were opening for BTBAM, given the fairly technical metalcore songs they were performing (and performing solidly, I might add). In between their songs, they didn’t mind joking around, and it is always to see bands having fun while playing.
Periphery, a six-headed band with no less than three (!) guitarists followed with an equally solid performance of their combination of metal- and mallcore with the occasional technical guitar solo. Also noteworthy was their synchronized guitar/bass swinging, orangegripping, headbanging, etcetera. These guys clearly enjoyed being on the podium, and they really warmed up the audience for BTBAM, having the entire front of Debaser screaming and jumping around during their final song.

When BTBAM entered the stage, I had one big worry: would they be able to pull it off live? As a longtime fan that had not seen the band play live before, they could either blow me away by being able to set the same (or even an enhanced) atmosphere as they do on their albums, or they wouldn’t be able to nail their very complex songs and thereby disillusion me.

Well, let me summarize the show by saying that it couldn’t have been much better. I am very glad that BTBAM is not merely an amazing studio band, they are fantastic on stage as well. They were energetic from the first note on forward, and had no problem with successfully busting out the technical skills necessary.

Although they only just released their latest album (The Parallax II: Future Sequence), the band didn’t just perform songs from this record. They mostly played a variety of songs from their earlier albums Colors and The Great Misdirect, complemented with a couple of new ones.
After their final song, BTBAM came back on stage to perform an encore. But not just any encore, but a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody. Nobody in the crowd was prepared for that, but Debaser’s audience didn’t have any problems shouting out the lyrics along with the band. They closed their show with one final song, totaling about 75 minutes of playtime.

Overall, BTBAM put on a great performance, which shouldn’t be too surprising given that they have been around since the millennium. The only performance slips came from main singer and keyboard player Tommy Rogers, who once or twice seemed to hit a wrong first note at the beginning of a keyboard part. This, however, was easily forgivable when you saw him run from the front of the podium to perform his grunting and singing back to his keyboard to start a sequence in time (while again grunting and singing).
Not within the band’s own power was an issue with Rogers’ microphone during Sun of Nothing, during which his clean, softer parts were hardly noticable. Thankfully, this issue was resolved before the next song, but it was a shame Rogers’ voice was hard to hear during the bands great performance of this especially fantastic song.

As mentioned above, all of BTBAM’s members were great at Debaser’s show. I do, however, want to highlight guitarist Paul Waggoner’s performance. He is responsible for the extremely technical lead guitar parts, and seeing him concentrate intensively with – especially – Rogers and bassist Briggs jumping around on the podium was a fantastic sight.

It was great to see that, at the end of the show, all the members individually took a great amount of time to shake hands with, talk to, and take pictures with the audience. It is always amazing to see when great artists are still nice people and take time to interact with their fans. To me, this completes a band to be worthy of the title world-class.

So if you are a fan of BTBAM, there is no going wrong in visiting their show. Not only are they great musicians, they are also very solid performers, and genuinely nice people to boot. And if you aren’t yet familiar with BTBAM (and given that this is an indie rock website, I guess that is the case for most of you) and are interested in trying something new, this is a band that could change your look on music, both live and recorded. All you have to do is open up for the harder things in life, and Between The Buried And Me will do the rest.



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