Moke – Collider

Moke – Collider

If we have to believe what we read in press releases, living legend Paul Weller is a big fan of Dutch Britpop-outfit Moke. So was I. Yes ‘was’ and not ‘am’. However, Moke might be able to win me back like they won me back in 2007; classy powerful guitar driven tracks with catchy guitar riffs and blasting choruses.
Fronted by Belfast born Felix, this five-man strong outfit from Amsterdam released their third studio album called Collider today.

The band impressed with their debut album Shorland in 2007, but their sound changed on its successor The Long And Dangerous Sea from 2009. Even though the album reached number two in the charts and generated a bigger audience, the band lost many fans who didn’t appreciate (or understand) ‘the difficult second’.
From a raw guitar sound on the debut, to electro influences on the second, Moke seems to reinvent themselves over and over again.

Album opener Tears shows that Moke have reverted back to what they were good at; creating awesome radio-friendly pop-rock hits with catchy lyrics and classy riffs.
Moke might even consider Burning The Ground as one of the best tracks they’ve ever recorded!
Scratch Marks and I’ve Got Silence You’ve Got Sound give Moke their mature Dutch Britpop sound back, while Almost Home shows Felix’s warm songwriting skills.

You can notice a beautifully orchestrated flow in the build-up and construction of the tracks; almost all of them are potential single and hit material. And that was exactly what the band was planning to do according to some interviews that have been done around the release of Collider.

Verdict: 3.5/5
Collider makes Moke finally sound like the Moke we fell in love with in 2007 again!
With the massive first single of the album Burning The Ground, the cracking I’ve Got Silence You’ve Got Sound and Jesus Child, and the fragile yet gorgeous album closer Almost Home, Moke show yet again that they are one of the leading Dutch guitar bands around!
On Collider, Moke does again what Moke did best; as Paul Weller was quoted ‘creating f*cking smashing tunes!’

Download Collider on iTunes, or order a physical copy on Amazon.
Don’t forget to check out Moke’s website, where you’ll find more links to buy the album!

Track list:
Burning The Ground
Scratch Marks
Opening Up
I’ve Got Silence You’ve Got Sound
Didn’t Want My Love
Sing On
Straight To You
Lessons To Learn
Jesus Child
Almost Home



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