One of the hottest new bands around is CHVRCHES (or Churches, or Chvrches, still don’t know for sure what they’re sticking with).
This trio from Glasgow make no-nonsense electro-pop. Picked up by BBC Radio 1 earlier this week and topping the Hypem charts, CHVRCHES is one of the hottest bands of the moment!

A lot of the noise around this band is based on this track, called The Mother We Share. To describe it in just three words : Fuckin’ amazing track!
You can listen to it via the player below. Let us know what you think of it via our Facebook page!

Also have a listen to another track of CHVRCHES called Lies. The video has footage from the Art School gig from June earlier this year.

Keep up to date with CHVRCHES via their Twitter account. And of course, don’t forget to head over to their Facebook page and give them a little thumbs up!



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  1. […] finally… Yesterday I finally saw Chvrches perform, at the ICA in London. After making Chvrches FSM Favorite back in September, yours truly bought a copy of their debut 10″ The Mother We Share, and […]

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