Cave Painting – Votive Life

Cave Painting – Votive Life

Cave Painting’s Votive Life is a great feel good album with tracks that set an ambience that you still want to be a part of for a while after the album has ended. The decrease in pace in the middle of the album keeps it from becoming truly amazing, but overall, Cave Painting has delivered a great debut album.

After Leaf, the first track of Votive Life, eases you into the atmospheric and melancholic cocoon in which you will reside for the next 42 minutes or so, the previously released Gator and So Calm really draw you in to the mood that dominates most of the album. If you have heard any of these two tracks before and liked what you heard, you should really give the album a chance as well, because you won’t be disappointed.
The band continues with Handle and the fantastic Only Us, the latter of which is arguably the highlight of the package.

The first minor disappointment of the album comes with Gator (Interlude). Albeit having a great set-up for a lovely and welcome interlude, Gator (Interlude) is too short to have any real effect before the next track starts, and therefore feels slightly out of place.

Unfortunately, Votive Life loosens its hooks in you a bit after this interlude with Pair Up and – even more so – Simoleon. That is not to say that these tracks are bad, but they don’t live up to the fantastic mood set by the first half a dozen tracks of this album. It loses part of its speed, and that’s a real shame.

With Rio, Cave Painting picks up where it left after the interlude. The album ends with another interlude (Me You Soon), followed by Nickel and the wonderful Forming, thereby ending as strong as it started.

Verdict: 4/5
Cave Painting sets a thrilling mood with a debut album that it can be proud of. After a very solid first half of the album it loses its focus a bit, but the final tracks are as strong as the first ones, making for a very atmospheric whole that is best listened to over headphones while contemplating life. Votive Life left me wanting a heavy snowstorm outside while I am in front of a crackling log fire with glass of whiskey. And that’s quite an accomplishment.

Cave Painting’s Votive Life is out today. Get your copy in a record store near you, order/download via Amazon and iTunes.

Track list:
So Calm
Only Us
Gator (Interlude)
Pair Up
Me You Soon (Interlude)



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