FSM Favorite : Super 8 Cynics

FSM Favorite : Super 8 Cynics

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted about Super 8 Cynics, a 4-piece from Manchester. In January, we’ve posted the video for Doing What I’ve Always Done. Luckily, the guys are back with ‘new’ material. They’ve released their new single Bitter Heart (a cover of Ricky Gervais’ 1983 Seona Dancing) last week, so time for us to put the lads in the spotlight! (Which is practically impossible on a website, but you get the drill right?)

Have a listen to their cover of comedian and 80’s synth-pop hunk Ricky Gervais’ Seona Dancing Bitter Heart. Okay, I admit… He’s not really a comedian…

As posted on Super 8 Cynics’ Facebook page, the story they’d love to tell is as followed:

If it all goes wrong can we say that Ady was actually the guy inside the Alf suit, from the seminally turgid TV show. He decided to cover Bitter Heart after a chance encounter with the guy from Police Academy who makes all the silly noises in a New York bar, whilst Ady was on his honeymoon. Ady put 10c in a jukebox and sat down next to Linz and the Police Academy guy, who smiled a heartening smile to Ady. The Police Academy guy then did an awesome beatbox version of Bitter Heart, projecting his voice so it appeared to be coming from the Jukebox. Linz then said to Ady “Och! Ya should form a wee pop band and cover this Ady!” Police Academy guy then walked out of the bar, his job was finished.

Much better than your average Press Release right? If your ears approved the sound and your brain decided that you like the music, why not buy the single Bitter Heart on iTunes.



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