Conveyor – Conveyor

Conveyor – Conveyor

Brooklyn based Conveyor released an EP earlier last year, which gave us a first impression of their innovative, yet ADD mix of electronics, acoustic sounds, melodies and harmonies.
Often described to sound a bit like Yeasayer, Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective, the release of their debut album became a somewhat heavy task with reasonably high expectations.

From the first seconds of footsteps walking over crackling leaves and the summer feel of Woolgatherer, you can already hear that Conveyor is a special outfit.
Balancing on a thin wire of taking the band serious or seeing the band as just another goof with comic lyrics on joyful music, Conveyor didn’t make it easy for the critical listeners.
After searching if other listeners would agree, Mom Talk indeed does sound a lot like the legendary America from West Side Story with the addition of repetitive ‘Hey Mom Hey Mom Hey Mom what do you want to talk about today’.

However, Conveyor do have some very strong songs on the album; Mukraker could have easily been on Yeasayer’s album, while Mane is one of the highlights of the album with its nicely layered harmonies and guitar riff.

Conveyor’s experimental side comes forward with Homes, a three-minute repetitive drum sound with ambient sounds and a small piano appearing halfway before kicking in the vocals in the last 40 seconds of the track.
The two-minute short All, with harmonies drowning in echoes repeating ‘All I want to say is all your love is mine is all I want to say’, is smart, but might not be awarded with the impulsive hit on repeat.
Final track Anne continues with the ‘All I want is all I want is’, this time ending with ‘see you’. Right, how’s that for expressing love and desire?

Verdict: 3/5
Conveyor’s self titled album does sound easy to the ear, with colourful music and light lyrics. The diversity of the tracks on the album enable Conveyor to reach a bigger audience, being entertaining but not more than that.
Conveyor fits in the same genre as the pleasant pop from acts like Cake, but it doesn’t reach the specialness of acts like Yeasayer.

You can download Conveyor’s self titled debut album on iTunes and Amazon.

Track List:
Two Davids
Short Hair
Right Sleep
Mom Talk



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