Infadels – Future of the Gravity Boy

Infadels – Future of the Gravity Boy

After nothing but positive reviews on their 2006 début album We Are Not The Infadels, and the somewhat mixed reactions on successor Universe In Reverse in 2008, London’s indie-electro outfit Infadels made us, for reasons (un)known, wait a long time for Future of the Gravity Boy to arrive.
From a positive point of view, compare it to a bottle of good Bordeaux; Infadels stored their third studio album for a while to mature before cracking open this bottle of energetic tracks.

The album opens with previously released From Out of the Black Sky, the track that was already featured on the album’s producer Alex Metric’s Open Your Eyes album. The science fiction and space obsession is a big influence throughout the whole album.
The trademark sound of Infadels really comes forward in title track The Future of the Gravity Boy, where the atmosphere of the album grows further into crazy-dancing space obsession.

Ghosts, We Get Along, Violent Oblivion, Explain Nothing and Mercury Rising were already appearing on Infadels’ set lists in 2010 or were placed online a while ago. My memory might be failing me, but all tracks (besides the unchanged Ghosts) seem improved and sound different compared to the live versions previously played.
Even though ‘former’guitarist Matt replaced his guitar for a Korg, the recognizable Infadels sparkle is still there.
Energetic, dancing tracks with catchy tunes and lyrics will stay in your head for a while.

Encounters of the First Kinds is by far the most appealing track on the album, while Jupiter 5 and last track 5:03 are completely new to me.
It is nice to see that the tradition of adding an experimental track where the length of the album is also the track title has been reintroduced, just as 1:20 on We Are Not The Infadels.
Jupiter 5 might be the next big hit for the guys and the ideal track to reintroduce themselves to the general audience. Cause these guys deserve it!

Verdict: 4/5
It’s been a while since we’ve had teasers of the new album in 2009 and even a single release for Ghosts in 2010, but boy has it been worth it.
With Alex Metric wearing the hat of producer, Infadels pushed themselves into creating an even bigger sound with analog synths while still remaining their characteristic electro-indie punch.
Now where are the tour dates and what ever happened to Brain That Just Won’t Die!?

Buy the CD on Amazon, or download it from Amazon and we won’t judge you if you prefer to buy it on iTunes.

Track list:
From Out of the Black Sky
The Future of the Gravity Boy
We Get Along
Violent Oblivion
Encounters of the First Kind
Mercury Rising
Jupiter 5
Explain Nothing



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