Funeral Suits – Lily of the Valley

Funeral Suits – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the title of the début album by Irish 4-piece Funeral Suits. Produced by Stephen Smith (Blur, the Smiths), the 4 young Irish lads shared love of epic, distorted guitars, art rock and electronica resulted in a two-year writing process with this album as a result.
With support slots over the last two years for Franz Ferdinand, The Maccabees, Passion Pit and Local Natives under their belts, Funeral Suits are ready to impress and take center stage in 2012. Add to that their appearances at SXSW, Great Escape and Reading/Leeds Festival last year, and the recipe of a promising second half of the year for Funeral Suits is present.

The dark ambience around the album opener Mary’s Revenge and its haunting vocals work well in today’s grey English weather.
While the slow and fragile Hands Down By Your Side shows that Funeral Suits are also able to create a lighter, less mournful sound without losing coherence in the album. Recent single Health, which enjoyed good support by Radio 1 DJ’s, and début single Colour Fade display a more radio-friendly side of Funeral Suits.

All Those Friendly People opens noisy, yet more joyful with almost an analog 8-bit influenced sound, and is for me the highlight of the album with its anthemic second half of the track.
The strings in We Only Attack Ourselves make me very happy, and demonstrates again that Funeral Suits is not only into dark, gloomy and haunting.
Add to that the hypnotic dreamy closing track I Still Love The High that closes the album in style and you’ll have a good idea what the buzz is all about; Funeral Suits offer a mix from dark to light emotional rollercoasters which are blended into 11 very neat tracks.

Verdict: 3.5/5
Lily of the Valley is an intriguing album, and with a good history of support acts and festival performances already, plus taking time to write the début album; Funeral Suits is yet another band that might see their big break through this year.
From dark and haunting to light, joyful and anthemic, Funeral Suits deliver an interesting album worth at least a second, third and fourth listen! If not more!

Funeral Suits – Lily of the Valley was released on June 4th on Model Citizen Records and is available on iTunes, Amazon and at your friendly local record shop.

1. Mary’s Revenge
2. Colour Fade
3. Health
4. Hands Down
5. All Those Friendly People
6. We Only Attack Ourselves
7. Adventures Misadventures
8. Stars and Spaceships
9. Florida
10. Machines
11. I Still Love The High



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