Pete Philly – London Jazz Cafe, May 10th 2012

Pete Philly – London Jazz Cafe, May 10th 2012

Being a member of Pete Philly’s family (that’s how he calls his fans) since his single Mellow in 2006 (or could have been 2007 as well), and seeing him live at North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam in 2008, I knew that this evening would be a great party.
In a special ‘Great Escape’ line-up, Pete Philly, 14th and Alby Daniels were scheduled to perform.
Unfortunately, both Alby Daniels and 14th had to cancel, leaving just Pete on the bill.

Pete Philly - Jazz Cafe London May 10th 2012

Pete Philly - Jazz Cafe London May 10th 2012

Despite claiming only have slept for two hours, his mix of soul, jazz and hip-hop got the crowd quickly on their feet in London’s Jazz Cafe yesterday. Pete Philly and his four piece support were eager to extend his family, although Pete again stated ‘either you like my business, or stay out of my business’.

Performing a classic Pete Philly and Perquisite track Womb to Tomb gave the crowd a taste of what Pete Philly is all about: Honest, energetic and a great performer mixing different styles and constantly looking for interaction with the crowd.

Introduced by Pete in a way of ‘we are getting old, quick’, the beautiful Time Flies should have converted all visitors to family members; the song and the performance were great. Pete’s ever charming and charismatic movement on the stage made sure you’d feel the music and that couldn’t take your eyes of him.

Not afraid to talk in between tracks, Pete Philly successfully connected with the crowd, winning them over in supporting him during the songs. Resulting in the vintage ‘do you love hip-hop’ introduction to Q&A, where he got the crowd replying the question ‘can you dig it?’ with a unanimous ‘ey-ey-ey’.

It makes no difference for Pete apparently to play in front of 10,000 fans or just 100. His remarkable energy, positivity and accessible music transform every ‘ordinary’ gig into a special party with his ‘family’, and yesterday was no exception!

In case you’ve missed yesterdays gig, Pete Philly is also playing at the Great Escape festival.

For more information, head over to Pete Philly‘s website.

Pete Philly’s debut album One is available on iTunes and Amazon.



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