Halfway To New York – Treading Water

Halfway To New York – Treading Water

British indie rock band Halfway To New York bursted into the UK’s music scene last autumn with their debut single Out Of Time.
A gig at LA’s The Viper Rooms meant the start of what can be described as a quick rise to the top with their fan-base asking for an EP.

The lads from HTNY understood the current music scene perfectly (LISTEN TO YOUR FANS, NOT YOUR WALLETS!) and delivered a smashing five track EP called Treading Water.

Opening with the title track, rightly described as a raw rock-roller-coaster, the intro gets you hooked right away.
You can have a listen at that in the player on the bottom of this article.
Slowing down into What a Way to Go, HTNY still put in some strong guitar melodies and delightful vocals.

The fame of HTNY all started with debut single, and next track on the EP Out Of Time, which was mixed by Simon Gogerly, Grammy award winner for U2s ‘How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’. Not bad for your debut EP to put that name in the press release right?
Well, just have a listen to the track and you know why this band has been picked up by Live Nation to appear as their new featured artist.
Strong riffs, full of energy and great lyrics; HTNY‘s formula might not be new and creative, but man, you don’t need to if you are very good in what you’re doing!

We Were Wrong, good title, is a track that smartly takes you back into this roller-coaster again. Starting slowly before building up, this track is my favorite of the EP.
The EP ends with Going Home, again a catchy track following the same formula. A passionate track which will definitely win some new listeners over for them.

Verdict: 3.5/5
Halfway To New York shows that you don’t need to be innovative to be good. Five solid catchy indie rock tracks make this EP a great chance to get to know this band better before they’re off to conquer the UK radio channels.

Halfway To New York – Treading Water has been released on May 21st and is available for only £5!
So, if you’ve got £5 hanging around somewhere, head over to Halfway To New York ‘s web-shop and spend that money.
I bet you’re going to love it just as we do!

Track list:
Treading Water
We Were Wrong
What A Way To Go
Out Of Time
Going Home

Treading Water by Halfway_To_New_York



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